How do you make a fuctioning loading screen

I want to make a loading screen that actually works. but I don’t know-how to

I thought about that before. There’s really no way yet, but there might be in the future :star2:

oh, ok then :l

I didn’t try this, but in theory -
If one frame of a game is a chunky one, all you need to do is this:

  1. put a layer above everything
  2. in that layer, above the laggy frame, put a rectangle covering everything and text that says it’s loading.
  3. turn that rectangle and the loading text into a clip.
  4. in the default tab: if opacity isn’t 0, opacity is set to 0
  5. in the load tab: opacity is set to 1

What this solution theoretically does is:

  1. you have a complex frame, making the game temporarily freeze. This means that the loading clip is still visible.
  2. when the lag spike goes away, so will the loading screen.

Keep in mind that if the frame did lag spike, it probably will still be slow, and lag spikes may appear after the loading screen. As far as I know, that’s just the nature of the way it’s coded. If you put it on a non-laggy frame, it will, for a very short time, show the loading screen.
You can also make it fade after the loading is “done” to make it look a bit more natural.

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I know im responding this late, but to let you know there always has been a functioning loading screen, Kringle Prinkles In forum fighters posted a wick file containing a functioning loading screen. But its lost.

Welp, Time to dig the history of it.

Searchin kringle pringles FF history FOR 13 DAYS NO SCHOOL

So uhh here (9.3 KB) is the loading screen.

Sorry if I’m late…
I think someone already answered this, so searching up “loading screen wick editor” on Google should help.

wick probably isn’t well known enough for there to be a tutorial on making a loading screen. there are some tutorials on wick but they are usually simpler and more general.