How do you make an object rotate with controls in a game?


Hi, I’m making a game where a triangle goes around shooting blocks. The triangle is controlled using wasd. I am trying to make the triangle point rotate towards the direction the object is moving in. That is, if I press A, then the triangle tip will rotate that way and so on. Can you do this in wick? If anyone knows the answer please tell me. I am fairly new, so don’t judge if this question sounds dumb.


Hey, ya I was wondering about this too. does anyone know. HOW COME NO ONE ANSWERS THESE QUESTIONS?!!



Here’s a project that rotates an arrow when you use the left and right keys.

rotatingArrow-Dec7-2018-1.53PM.html (785.4 KB)

Basically, we want to alter the rotation property of an object by saying object.rotation = ...