How does this new hittest thing work

what do all the parameters mean, what do they do, where do i call this function thing, and what’s the diff between hitTestOptions and project.hitTestOptions? (explain in as much detail plez)

@Luxapodular & @Hamzah_Al_Ani !
i summon de!

Hey folks! We don’t have full documnetation yet, but here’s a little example that should make this a bit more clear.


NewHitsDemo.wick (50.9 KB)

Basically offset and overlap give you two numbers that will help you reposition objects, intersections shows you where on the two objects things intersected, and the mode can be circle, rectangle, or convex hull to give you three different hit test options.

We’re going to be improving this hit test even further making it MUCH faster than previously possible :slight_smile:

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