How Long of an Audio File Does Wick Editor Accept?

What Wick Editor Version are you using?

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I’m currently hunting down some sounds for a project and came across some longer sounds (10+ minutes long) that I favour. Before I proceed with putting the sounds in, I want to know about the audio length limit of Wick Editor so that I don’t put too long of a file in and (potentially) jeopardize my project. If anyone could answer my question that would be excellent. Cheers!

- Mr. Quacks

i know for a fact that a 1:30 audio file is fine, at least on my computer. if you want to be safe (you always should want to), save your file before adding a giant audio file (or before just about anything).

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This is more a file size thing… Try compressing them a little bit (the soundtracks before) putting them into the wick editor.

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When I did this with Flash, massive WAVs killed the program quite often, but by highly compressing the audio before I imported it, those WAVs stopped slowing me down. When I was done animating, I plopped the higher quality files where the lower quality files were. It may have taken me about three extra minutes to compress the files via Audacity, but it saved me so much potential anguish.


Try using the smallest file size you can get. Sure, this will give you low quality audio, but it works for reference.
Later, merge video and high-quality audio separately on a video editor.