How powerful is wick editor

Hi i just wanted to know about how powerful this thing is (wick editor) i have been using it for quite a while and sure enough its way easier than blender. But could it be used to make a movie ? Animated series ? and is there a way or will a 3d version come ? and last but not the least can it support high core games to be made like flash . IK this is alot of questions but i just wanted to know about wick editor from people who are using it for quite a while now.

it’s quite powerful, you can make animations and games and I don’t think 3D will came out nearly but you can make your own 3D engine

Pretty good, it can be used to make an animated series all you want. 3D is probably also gonna come given enough time. You can check out other engines at well. You can also make your own games with Java Script!

got it thanks