How to code a non-linear animated sequence

Am I able to refer to frame number in this? I’m trying to write a script that tracks the number of times a frame is entered and the number of times it’s been entered dictates which frame will occur after that frame outside chronological order, with basically zero understanding of coding. This is because I want the same animation to play whenever a button is pressed, but don’t want to copy and paste the frames/movie clip over and over all across the timeline.

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I don’t understand this part

If you want to play the movie clip again you can put this script on the button:


Is there any way to have a frame track the number of times it’s been loaded (up to a cap of say 6), where each number amount results in the viewer being sent to a different frame in the animation?

if x = 4 gotoAndPlay(14) on the frame itself,
and buttons in different parts of the animation that send you back to that frame in order to see the other “paths” if you will.

Feel free to explore this example
On Times Played 2-21-2020_4-39-11PM.wick (3.9 KB)


This is interesting to me, so I put the main script onto a frame that runs the entire length of the animation, then replaced this. with project. and a separate frame on a different layer to trigger the add count (function?, not really sure if I’m using the right term) and it seems to work like I need it to. While I’m still trying to understand how to interpret code, this is new to me, I appreciate it.