How to copy over sprites

i need to import over a sprite from one project to another, and not as its own project, how?

sprite from version 1.19.4 into 1.19
maybe they have to be the same version?

Click on a sprite in 1.19.4. It must be a clip or a button! Press Ctrl/Cmd + E. Drag and drop the downloaded file into 1.19.3. See if it works.

or if its like an image just do ctrl + c
ctrl + v

It doesn’t have to be an image, you can also do this with clips and path objects.

@RenderedFox1 select the sprites, click ctrl + c, open the other project, and over there click ctrl + v to paste them in.
(note: if you have caps lock on, shortcuts might not work)

You can also use the copy and paste buttons in the editor

If you’re not using the web version and this isn’t working, then I’d recommend @glottisfandango’s method

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