How to create multiple rooms like in the henry stickmin games?

*I’m creating a game that is kinda like the games you find in the Henry Stickmin Collection. My game is called “Stick Battle 1: Reclaiming the Fortress” and it’s the first among many. Now, let’s get to the problem. I wanna make this a decision making game, u know? And I dont really know how to create multiple rooms.
I tried searching for tutorials, but none of them helped me out.

Pls tell me: How do i create multiple rooms? PLS ASAP ASAP ASAP

So, Henry Stickmin is like a point-and-click game where it gives you a bunch of options and you click which option you want to choose. So the game you are about to create is going to be interactive. I don’t know if you looked at the wick editor tutorials but look at this video as it contains information about how to make “buttons,” make a frame “stop,” and some simple code behind them. If you already did watch it, I would recommend you watch it again.