How to export photo?


I drew a nice image and I was wondering how to export it, but there is only export as gif, video, html or zip.
Is there currently no way to export as photo as I really like making vector art with this.



Ooh, and there could also be function to export selected frames (or the whole movie) as a spritesheet or PNG sequence!

Until they implement image export, you could export it as HTML, open up the file, zoom in (to get it in as high-res as possible), and then take a screenshot.
On Windows 10 you can press Win + Shift + S, wait for Windows to respond :stuck_out_tongue:, and then drag across where you want to save and it will copy that selection to the clipboard.

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We used to have an ‘Export as PNG’ option in the menu bar but I don’t know why it’s not there anymore - I think it was partly broken somehow?

Will definitely get it back in (and maybe try getting a PNG sequence exporter working as @kryptot7 mentioned) in the next update~

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Get it working again FAST please, thanks.



Hi, was this ever reimplemented?