How to loop frames?

i want to make a newgrounds style flash game and i have a scene where i want the 12 frames of whats going on to loop until the user clicks on the button/target to go to the next set of frames. how would i loop it??

Here’s this: thingidyloopthing1-23-2024_16-52-42.wick (26.8 KB)
Since clips are like symbols I’m flash you can just nest clips inside another clip and put them on different frames.

how do i nest multiple frames into one clip/symbol?

When you create a clip, double click it. This will bring you inside the clip where there is a timeline just like the main project. You can add frames to the clip this way.

don’t forget to copy every frame you want from the main timeline into the clip, otherwise nothing’ll show up.
unless you already did that.