How to make a square that you can click through and change it's opacity

This is for Kina OS (idek if people check it out anymore :| ) I wanted to give the user the option to change the screen’s brightness, how could i do this?

One more thing, I want to do it with a slider.

Just add square on screen and then animate it fading then adjust the speed and code.

Idk how to code . I hope you know :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

I meant being able to click through it but being able to see it at the same time, sorry if I didn’t explain it well lol :sweat_smile:

I would say that I’m bad at coding but I know a little

I think that it isn’t possible to make any Asset in Wick Editor able to click through it and see it at the same time because you will always have the hitbox of the Asset if it’s opacity isn’t 0.

In a mouseclick script, add this code
this.opacity=(any value between 1 and 0)

Well now that i think about it I could just make the whole desktop’s opacity change instead of a square since in Kina OS every app and desktop is inside a single clip

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