How to manage animated png . APNG files in the editor?

Hi, is it possible to watch a sample code of the editor managing a .APNG ?
Here there is no code!topic/fabricjs/Wn4KOdNDnNE
And here it manage a simple PNG, not APNG:

Hey @Matteo_Raggi, we actually no longer use fabric.js in Wick Editor. We actually use a library called paper.js instead in Wick Editor >1.0.

We currently don’t have support for .apng files in Wick Editor, but may be able to do something with them in the future.

I’m not opposed to adding any feature, but it couldn’t be used since no common art/animation programs support APNG.

It’d be somewhat useful to eventually make a streamlined way of importing a PNG sequence (which is many individual PNG’s with sequential names) into Wick, since Flash and Photoshop can export them. PNG sequences are much higher quality than a GIF. Currently I can import many PNG’s into Wick at once, but I’d have to manually place all PNG’s on the stage (which is especially annoying without alignment tools). My suggestion is very low priority since it’s an uncommon workflow.

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