How to Post A Game On

I posted a game on before and it worked but uh… Knowing me and being a new user I Forgot How… So, any help?

Just make a HTML using the export then make your game then upload the HTML.

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Thanks, so MUCH!!! I’m ngl sometimes I don’t want to ask these questions because it makes me feel dumb or I’m asking too much…

For, you can also export your project to ZIP and upload that file there

No one expects you to be an expert on anything, we all needed to start somewhere and ask these questions at some point (this is why the forums is here). Ask as many questions as you need :+1:

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so basically you wanna export your game as an html. i havent used itch in i while but if i remeber correctly you have the option to upload your zp or html to ith, then you fil out the needed stuff and uhh yea it basically takes care of itself

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