How to slow frames?


Hi! First of all, I’m super excited about this program and how it isn’t intimidating to use.

But my question is, how can I slow the frames down so it doesn’t flip so fast but also have a continuous smooth transition to each frame?
In tutorial 1 he mention in the second part of the video not wanting it to flip so fast for the interactive side of the tutorial but I don’t want to make a interactive animation.

If anyone knows how I can figure this out let me know!

Make animations slower becuz the go to fast ok

HI there!

You can slow down your animation by changing the framerate of your project. You can do that by clicking on the gear in the top right corner of the editor, and changing the number shown here (it’s 12 by default):


This will change how many frames are shown every second (so a smaller number will result in a slower animation).

Let me know if you have any other questions - I’m happy to help! :smiley: