How to variables


I was wondering about how variables would work in wick. And does it work the same in Actionscript 3.0? I used variables once in Adobe Animate but then I forgot.


Hey @AJ_Thefiremaster, This is a GREAT question. Variables in Wick act the same as variables in JavaScript! Fair warning, this is a pretty long explanation but I’d be more than happy to give you some more help if you need :slight_smile: .

You can declare a variable inside a wickObject in a few different ways

var myVariable = 'value'; // Way number 1 (only usable within your function)

myOtherVariable = 'otherValue'; // Way number 2 (Usable throughout your project BUT a little dangerous)

The differences between these two are pretty subtle, but this will allow you to store values. (here’s a technical explanation you shouldn’t have to worry about unless you’re curious)

But what if I want to store a value in a wickObject so I can access it from somewhere else safely?

this.variableName = 'value'; // Way number 3

This stores the value in the object itself as a “property” so it’s accessible from other objects that are loaded within the same frame. I can access this property by saying objectname.variableName. You can set object names from your inspector by changing it’s default name (like ‘New Clip’ or ‘New Path’) to something else!

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Thanks @Luxapodular. I’m also wondering if I can access variables though “if” statements. If it’s possible, can you explain?


@AJ_Thefiremaster Sorry about the late response. You can use variables in conditionals (like if and else statements) like this.

if (myVariable === myCondition) {
  //do Stuff