HTML Exported content are at Top left corner


Hi all,

When i exported my project, the content is placed at the top left corner.

Is there any way to center the content on the screen?

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I was just getting ready to post a similar question…
I hope the admins see this.



Hey @domonkachu and @colorsCrimsonTears,

In the live editor, there isn’t an easy was to do this without editing the html of the project manually.

In the alpha editor however, the project will center on screen and expand to fit the container that it’s in. So when posting alpha projects, it will automatically do this! We are experimenting right now with a converter for older projects that should be up and running soon!

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Thanks for responding!
I’m really looking forward to the update!



coloursCrimsonTears: Look like they did see it XD

Luxapodular: Thanks! Looking foward to it :)