Html To wick

How To turn an html file to wick

You don’t, thats it. It’d be really hard to reverse engineer it and its a good way to kinda keep your project’s code secret.

Oh? okay :(

If you have an HTML file that you’d like to convert back to wick bc you lost the wick version or something like that, then you can send me the file and I’ll give you the wick version

THE IDIOT TEST 25-11-2023_13-35-58 (1).html (3.6 MB) THE IDIOT TEST4-15-2023_22-26-26 attachment (2.3 MB)

Here are the wick files:
file1.wick (155.8 KB)
file2.wick (1.1 MB)

How did you do it there is one that wick forums cant handle.

The sandwhich.html (2.6 MB)

pretty sure that this is the tool that gets your files.html2wick.html (2.1 MB)

How do you do it?

you just download it, open it in a browser and read the alert boxes carefully. now you can convert stuff

how 2 confirm

Thanks I guess. :/

Let me know if you get it to work!

I was the one that made that converter, a year or two ago. I didn’t share it again when incognito asked for help because I knew some people ought to misuse the tool. I’d like to ask you to be careful when sharing it, I don’t mind that you’ve reshared it now but the next time you want to edit a file I made don’t convert it to wick without asking me plz. Even with the warnings people are still likely to misuse it, so if someone asks for something like this again, it’d be better to just convert the files for them.

Sorry to put you on the spot, but I know this worries some folks on the forums so I didn’t want to not say anything.

On a different note, I remember I was working on upgrading this tool back then, along with a method to make it harder for files from being used with the converter and all that stuff, I got busy with other work and abandoned the project though, but I might pick it up again after my current semester ends (exams coming up and all).


You definitely should over the summer. Maybe this could lead to an upgrade in Wick Editor. I was thinking of protecting wick files with a password, like in Flash, before converting html to wick. But we’ll see.