I am making a card game and I need some ideas

the title says it all. I need some ideas for a card game I’m making based on sheep.
these are some cards I have made so far
Screenshot 2024-03-22 9.21.32 AM Screenshot 2024-03-22 9.19.59 AM Screenshot 2024-03-22 9.18.19 AM
I need ideas for cards and what they do.
the types of cards are: Lamb, Item, Construct (buildings), and materials.


You could add an rpg element

@Incognito its more based loosely off of magic the gathering

You have a barbarian, you have a wizard… you know what, if there’s a health system then you should add a healer, also some med item, and I feel like a jester would be cool as well, prolly a king too cause… idk, you should add a queen, bishop, knights, and— just get the full chess board lol

For more ideas, there’s also archers, goblins, giants, trolls, cavemen, maybe some nerdy sheep, or a sheep in a dragon costume, or even a sheep riding a sheep… maybe another sheep riding the sheep riding the sheep— honestly all these sheeps are making me sleepy

btw this is just me trying to give you ideas, and not everything I say is a good idea.
whatever you add is up to you

but yo these cards actually look pretty cool, nicely made, well done!

I bet 3 billion dollars you got that from TF2, but I agree with
making characters that are inspired from TF2 because Valve is the Best game company,
Fight me.

Screenshot 2024-03-24 10.47.46 PM
4 down, 196 more to go for the first set
(btw on the ability the part where it says “take 2 damage” means that the player controlling this card takes 2 damage, it basically has a drawback to using it.

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so far for material types I have: fluff, magic, stone, and necrotic? IDK what the skull would be.