I can't download Wick Editor Mobile

What Wick Editor Version are you using?
I’m using Wick Editor 1.19.3 when in the browser

Describe the Problem
I’m trying to download the Wick Editor mobile app, but all it shows on the download page is a blank screen with the only option to be to cancel. I’m using iPadOS 15.5 on a 4th generation iPad Air.

What have you tried so far?
I’ve tried downloading it from the Wick Editor page, obviously didn’t work. So I tried searching for it on the App Store… nothing! No results for “Wick Editor” on the app store. Could you please assist me in what’s happening?
Here’s a photo showing what I see when I try to download the app:

try to go the the wick editor site not the editor https://www.wickeditor.com/ there and click download there should be link to wick editor for IOS

That’s where the problem is – it shows the blank screen when I click the “Download for iOS”

My guess is that the app was removed from the app store.

Those who already have the app downloaded might still have it there, Idk, but all I know is that I can’t get it back on mine after having reset my phone.

Ignore this, it's just my guess for why it was removed

I think the app was created with the help of Apache Cordova because I remember seeing following icon when looking through my phone tabs under the Wick Editor tab


So recently, according to this article that I read a couple weeks ago:

“[…] Apache Cordova support is being retired from the App Center” (The Sunset of Apache Cordova: Alternatives For Cross Platform Mobile Development in 2022).

try using the wickeditor.com/editor online instead