I dont know how to do anything


Hi, im new to this and i have a few questions and problems. First, there is a random grey box in the top left that is in the way of the of the first ten frame sections, if there is a way to get rid of that large grey square please tell me. Second, there is also no way that i know of to DRAW any thing, which is a key part of 2D animation. if someone would inform me on what to do that would be VERY appreciated. Thanks :)


Hi there @rustygreenbean7! Sorry you’re having issues with the editor.

Which browser are you currently using? And, if you change to a different browser, do you see the same error?


Also if you post a screenshot of what the editor looks like it would help us to diagnose the problem



im using google chrome on a Mac Book Pro


This is what i see when i open up the program, i currently don’t know how this works


Hey @rustygreenbean7,

Try performing a “Hard Refresh” (Ctrl + SHIFT + R on PC, cmd + SHIFT + R on mac).

If this doesn’t work, we might need to try something a bit more complicated.


hey, I’d like to know how to make games. That would be pretty cool :confused:I know some porgramming from Khan academy and wonder if i could use it here.
-came here because Alan Becker YT brought me here. (loves his Animations VS Animations)


Hey @Alvin_Liu,

Have you checked out the getting started tutorial? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bhN2VxyWJiU

This shows you how to make a short animation AND add a little bit of code to make a project interactive! With the interactive step, you can quickly make some point-and-click games!