I found this thing on the forums called "groups"


I stumbled upon a place called “groups” on the forums, which is a link inside the thing between the search bar and the profile picture. from what i understand, you can make groups and let people join them, and so far there is only one, which is for the moderators (@Luxapodular and @zrispo.) can i get more information on this?

Thanks! :smiley:



Oh yeah! We’re thinking of expanding the group feature soon for our own forum. The forum software we use is called “discourse” if you’d like to search around and take a look at how groups work in general for our forum!

What types of groups would you like to see?




I would like a animation one, for just people showcasing their projects.

Also when are we gonna be able to not export .gifs? :)

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Yo, you may not be able to export your project
as a gif yet, but a nice workaround for now would be to
screen record your animation!

Another user on here told me about this cool program
that you can use for doing so.




Thanks so much dude!

I didn’t even know about this!

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No problem man,
just passing along information!

I hope you post your
animation for us all to see. :shushing_face: