I have a VPN but I don’t know What country the wick editor iPad app is available in?

What country is the wick editor iPad app available in? Because I am away from home and I want to use wick and since I’m from Canada I can’t download it

then just use the united states

North or west or east or south?

try east first and then south if it didn’t work

It still says it’s not available in my country

hmm I don’t know then

Wick should be available on all regions, though recently I think there’s just an issue with the actual app.
I had the app for a long time, but I had reset my phone once and it wouldn’t re-install, giving me this error:

I can’t be fully sure, though I think there’s an actual problem with the app itself.
@etcanthony should look into this.

Ok I guess I’m not the only one having problems with downloading the app then

Hi guys!

The Wick Editor app has not received an update for quite a long time (longer than I have been involved with Wick) and no longer works on any mobile platform to my knowledge.

I can confirm that the web version of Wick Editor works on mobile and actually has more functionality than the app did. You can get to the web version of Wick Editor from your iPad using any search engine.

Whether or not the app will be revived under the supervision of the ETC is to be determined, but keep an eye out for an update on that front in the near future.

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In the web editor I can’t open my saves

I hope the update will release soon

I see. The “Open” functionality isn’t configured to work on mobile, but that is something that will definitely come in a future update.

In the meantime, remember that anything you saved using the app should be saved as a .wick file that you can transfer to your desktop and keep creating in on the desktop web version of Wick Editor.

I hope that this doesn’t mean you’ve lost a lot of work.

GUYS I HAVE A SOLUTION! All you have to do is go to the web version, launch it, and then press share, then save to Home Screen. Then it will be an app.

it will still be a webpage, not an offline app like the official app was.

Did your account get banned or something? I can’t view this user’s profile.