I have some news

first, I am back on the forums and as some of you may know (you probably don’t) I am working hard on a new game (I won’t spoil it) and I am doing my best.
second, I am going to be starting a game jam soon, of coarse Im going to be a judge but I wanted to ask @Jovanny and @awc95014 if they would like to be the other 2 judges, this poll is only for them to let me know if they would like to be a judge.

  • yes I (Jovanny or awc) would like to be a judge
  • no I (Jovanny or awc) would not like to be a judge

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You can go ahead and start a competition with the people interested. I’ll not be able to judge this time.

I may or may not be a little busy, but I should be able to judge.