I made a flappy bird clone

I know there’s already a ton of these but i just did it as an exercise and I like it
Flappy Bird10-31-2023_11-34-08.html (2.1 MB)

pls add retry button

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thanks for the feedback, i added it.
Flappy Bird10-31-2023_17-34-17.html|attachment
(2.1 MB)

wait that doesn’t work, i fixed it here.
Flappy Bird10-31-2023_22-37-50.html (2.1 MB)

this is amazing!

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cool game! My highscore is 16

let’s see who can beat it

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Here’s the wick file if anyone wants it, the code’s pretty bad though
Flappy Bird10-31-2023_22-42-38.wick (6.9 KB)

You can now click to jump
Flappy Bird11-2-2023_9-05-38.html (2.1 MB)
Flappy Bird11-2-2023_9-07-56.wick (7.6 KB)

I tried to make the restart button restart better by doing this:
but it doesn’t work for some reason :frowning: