I made drawing possible in wick editor

Inception (kinda)
My Project8-29-2020_2-03-49PM.html (2.1 MB)

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That’s cool!

Hey, maybe it could become bigger, more and smaller drawable circles, grow ur idea into a huge project, and take over the world one day!

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ok, ill try

nvrmind it is extremely laggy

U can’t quit now, anything is possible: mojads project updated (drawing).html (2.0 MB)

You could draw in full screen and beyond, literally!
Use arrows to move the Vcam out when in full screen to draw outside of the screen : )

Here’s the wick project, update it if you’d like into something big: wick file.wick (8.3 KB)

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well i tried making an exreamly tight pixel array and it was so laggy that i couldnt even test it. and then wick crashed lol

thx though this looks cool!

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Hi mojad, you might have a similar lag issue with when I tried making a platformer engine. I’m actually making one now but I’m talking about a 12x12 or bigger box of clones. It… didn’t go that well. I quickly gave up on that.

@mojad, cool idea. Love the work you’ve done so fa.

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thx luxa :)

Looks great! I been playing around with something similar in p5.js :D

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