I need help running this game


I need help, Im not sure if I did anything wrong in the coding. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1OzYyeNwAzH8yLvF4F-RDqcSsQf65tSYC Thats the link if anyone can help me


Hey there,

I’m looking at your project right now, it looks like something about it is causing a bug to happen in the editor. Will send you a fixed version of your project ASAP!


Alright, this should fix the problem:

ThingHouse-Fixed.wick (329.9 KB)

In the frame with the three doors, one of the doors was causing the wick player to crash. I don’t really know what was wrong with it, but I was able to delete it and replace it with one that doesn’t cause the crash. Hopefully I can figure out what the problem was and push a bugfix soon~

Also, the game looks great so far, be sure to post it here when it’s done!!


Thank you for your help! The game is still buggy though, but now I can actually play is now instead of it being a white screen :grin: