I need ideas for a rage game

please give me your rage game ideas


what do you mean?

I mean rage games, games that are hard to control and make you wish you were never born. like getting over it or cuphead. games that make you rage.

uh have the player move at 0.1 speed, and you die if you dont get to the specific spot in under 1 minute

You build platforms that have durability to climb a mountain.

no make it like it like an impossible boss fight with a bunch of really hard mini bosses and if you die you go back to the VERRRRY beginning with 1 hp

what I mean by hard to control is that if you do an action like move you are commited to that action and its hard to stop that action, like with getting over it you have a hammer and if you move the hammer the wrong way you get flung back.

maybe you only have one platform that you have to use to get up.

thats basically cuphead

a rage game is a game that is hard in the way that you end up making your own job harder and rage games are specially designed to make you hate yourself as one little mess-up can ruin your whole run, and if you lose concentration you could mess yourself up.