I try to save my project and did not work


Hi. I’m a new user of wick. and i have figured out how to save my project and it supposedly down loads to my file, but I can only work on my projects at school. And then when I shutdown my computer and go about my day, then come back to work on it and I hit open project and it takes me to my files and the project is not there. And I thought it would save to the account but I have a different computer every day. So please help me. Thanks



It might be a problem with your schools firewall, or prehaps the file is stored on another computer.



It’ll probably work best if you used a non-school computer to animate on Wick. It saves as a file on the computer’s Downloads section for a Mac, and will only show on that specific computer unless you airdrop or use a flash drive to move it. The way it saves on Windows or other computers probably is very similar.