Ideas for Animations?

Hey, I’m Jan_Ninja
I wanted to know, if you have some Ideas for animations, because I don’t have many good Ideas.

If you know something fell free so reply! :wink:
But… It should not be hard to make and easy to animate!

Thank you!


a good idea to start with is make stick figures do random things. just draw some stick figures and make up what they do as you go. hope this helps :smiley:

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I cannot do stickman animations :frowning_face:
It’s to hard for me but your Profile picture ist geometry dash or? This is an idea!

Thank you!

maybe do 8-bit animation. retro games would be a great place to start, like Mario or PacMan. you can make clips of things like running and tween them to make animating much less of a hassle. one great place to make 8-bit sprites would be note that as of now, wick does not allow you now to add gifs and automatically make them clips like they used to, but that may change.
another thing you can do is that you can maybe just pick the first few things that come out of your head and make a nonsense animation. (if the things you think about are pencils, unicorns, a parrot, and an exploding backpack, then do some weird animation with them.)
but if your drawing abilities are like mine and you can’t draw a stick figure on a computer very well, I’d advise the 8-bit animation cuz you aren’t even drawing.
but of course, this idea is a bias toward Nintendo stuff cuz Mario is on the top of my favorite games list with Tetris and Minecraft nearby. however, this is your choice, so if you want to make a silly animation about flying pigs, I’m not gonna stop you.
since this is getting so long, I’m just gonna end with this: when you finish this animation, I’d like to see what you’ve done and maybe give feedback if you think I’m not being too nosy into your work.

  • “Baron” :slight_smile:

Ich didnt know that i can import images and i always wanted to do make animations. But this must wait a bit.
After the holiday i will try this. Thank you!

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no problem!

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A good idea would be to write a simple script then make a bunch of shapes the characters, that’s what I’m doing but it’s based off a video game. Really fun when you just use normal 2D shapes, then you can add simple features like eyes or a mouth. and if you don’t want to animate the mouth then just add text, its really easy to move those kind of characters on PC’s/Laptops.

You could make an object show. The episode dont have to be too long. Mine are about 25-30 seconds long

Yeah I make mine about a Minute each, the pilot was 1:10 (plus 40 second credits)