Im Back/Strategic methods of Layering, Blending (If you wan't to call it that)

I haven’t psoted here in quite a while (I read almost every topic, just haven’t got around to posting), and I wanted to talk about ways you can work with layers differently… To pretty much whoever this is helpfull too at all I guess. Just some tips and tricks that have helped me along the way. First of all I think everyone knows that in wick editor the topmost layers are what is shown on top, thats straightforward, but also pretty usefull. (I will show three sample drawings i made to sort of explain my thinking) You can take advantage of that to fill in gaps if you use the fill tool. Just add a layer beneath the discrepancy layer and fill in any cracks with a brush oe pencil etc. I used this tactic to paint eyelashes which for me at least are hard to draw especially of youre not proficent with a brush (which i am not) I purposely left cracks to be filled in a sub layer and that can add some color grading especially on skin. Secondly use them to add 3D looks or reflective amd glassy looks. Add layers with opacic figures over the area you wish to highlight. Wicks opacity tool is a lifesaver and when you use an eraser tool on a layer… It only erases that layer which is also good to know because you can fit you shadows and lighting taints into a figure. Lastly if you want any really darkened shadows you can add a backround layer and use the brush to instill what you would like behind the subject and this trick works for anything and im sure many of you do this already. Im honestly not sure how different it is qorking with these in making games/ coding also take this with a grain of salt because it’s not a one fits all method it’s lieterally just what I do sometimes to facilitate the process. Sorry I misspelled a ton of words and examples are below.





Also I knew it would have probably been smart to show the sketches for these as well, but my brain didnt think of that so…


@Jonathan_Obele, first of all is nice to see you again around here.
These are soooo beautiful. Excellent job.


cool pictures :+1:

interesting techniques and very good illustrations!

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how, how, and how

Nice to see you again @Jonathan_Obele!

I know I said this before, but your work is amazing!

The eye drawing looks nice, I like how you colored it so perfectly!
The hand drawing is also a great masterpiece! (it reminds me of the BLM fist)
And the leg drawing is also nice, I really like how the reflection looks