"im sane" collab (help needed)

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  1. Title: “im sane” collab
  2. Topic: a collab for my horror game “im sane” because I need help
  3. Time Frame: 4/26/22 - 7/30/22
  4. Submission Requirements: you can join anytime if you want
  5. Project Requirements: .wick and .html for the game and .mp3 for music and sounds.
  6. Project Leads: me

What do you need help with?

Yeah, We do you need to get started?

I just need help with animating and coding + maybe some sounds and music, I have gotten caught up in fnf modding so I can only get on here a few times a day, so I will do as much as I can.

what do you mean?

I could probably be able to do the sounds sand music

I think he means when do we need to get started?

any time soon I have the demo for the game here Point and click horror game (Im Sane) (Demo)

I need art for the roommate (messy blonde hair, an insane facial expression, and torn cloths) and art for the objects. I also need new rooms to be made (a living room, and a kitchen, top down perferably)

  • coding
  • art
  • sound design
  • other

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if you choose other then let me know what you wanna do.

What color do the clothes have to be for the chaarcter?

blandest you can do.

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Hey, am i still able to join! :wink:

yes anyone can join at anytime

Is there anything you need help with?

we need somebody to make music and sounds

go to the poll above

go to this poll to chose your role

Art and sound designs

ok art people need to work on existing art and new art for the rooms and the character (I need a kitchen and a living room(@el_desconocido53 is working on the character)), sound people I need some creepy low pitched ambience and music (there will be music boxes around that are safe zones when you start them up so make music for that too), and coding will come after that.

here is the demo game im sane4-28-2022_7-59-44.wick no living room or kitchen, I forgot to say I also need a bathroom drawn

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