Importing GIF as a clip help please

Hi All
I am trying to import an animated gif. I cannot find a way to use a clip to import it.
If I try to upload my gif it says its doing it but does nothing. The clip interface doesn’t mention importing gifs. Is this the best way to use sprite sheets?
Looking at past forum posts I see there might be a problem uploading GIF files. I tried 3 or 4 different sizes, but no good. Is there a GIF uploader somewhere I missed?
I have missed something. Please help me if you have a minute. I am using 1.17.1 on a mac using the Brave Browser. I tried Firefox and Chrome. Same failure
Many thanks. Greg
example I used…

Hey @Greg, sorry you’re running into issues. I’m taking a look at this now. I believe he problem here is that this gif is too large! I’m going to see if I can adjust the editor to accept it, but you may be able to resize this gif to be smaller and try again. (I personally use tools like EzGif online for this).

Hopefully this helps in the short term!

Thank you @Luxapodular for looking at this so quickly. What is the size limit? I saw the uploader try to load the file but it did not give an error when it failed. I will try to reduce the size. Thanks. Greg

@Luxapodular Looks like the file limit is around 400k. I could upload a 360k file, but not much bigger.
I see the gif runs at the animation speed. Is there any way for the gif speed to be set to run at the speed of the gif animation? It is running 5X too fast at the moment unless I slow the animation down.

Thank you for your help
Thanks. Greg

@Greg, somehow this got buried but it is a great suggestion. I think we’ll need to add a bit of meta data to the project and gifs! I’ve created a feature request on our Github here:

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sup Greg. the clips are only meant for coded stuff like html and zip

wait they are?

yeah i used clips in an animation and exported it as a gif and it frozed

I don’t think that’s supposed to happen

Could you send me the .wick file of the animation you’re trying to export?

well i deleted it.

hi @mojad
I use images for clips all the time so I can move them around, so I should be able to do the same with a gif, but gif’s seem to be a bit flakey. gif’s would be easier to use than a spritesheet for example a walking/running/jumping animal/monster/wizard etc

I’ve used .gifs before and they work fine for me

The only time I’ve ever had a problem with .gifs is when i tried to import some with a transparent background

I have a similar issue but looks like it’s not the Gif’s size, I can import a gif that the size is 7.22MB but I can’t import another one that is 1.31MB.