Importing objects


Is there a way to move objects from one frame in the timeline to another?
Sorry if I’m overlooking something, but I tried project.getObject(); but it didn’t seem
to do anything…



A bit of an update.
So, I found out how to clone the object, but I don’t how to
delete clones. If anyone can assist it would be appreciated!

Still need help if anyone’s online.
Do clones of clips not keep the original clips script?
I cloned a clip, but instead of running any code, it just sits there…
Also, I still need help on deleting clones as well.

Even you can’t help, if you could point me to where I can
read the documentation for Wick’s functions that would also be of
aid, as I don’t yet have a firm grasp on how everything works.

Disregard this. I ended up find work arounds after messing
with things for a while…

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