Importing sound not working


When I attempt to import sound, nothing happens. In other projects where there already is sound, it won’t play?
dont know if it’s a problem with just me, but thought you’d like to know



Hi @zoey,

I can’t replicate this yet :confused: . Mind sending over a bit more information and potentially your file?

Which Browser are you using?

Which example projects did you test?

Are sounds not working the preview renderer? (in-editor)
Are sounds not working on the exported project?

Thanks for the heads up!



currently using the latest version of Chrome
the problem i experienced with importing sound is due to personal error, apologies.
i tested a couple of different audio files, if that’s what you’re asking, sorry if i misunderstood. the sound did not work in-editor, as it had done previous times i have used it.
thank you for your answer :slight_smile:



Ah okay! Let me know if you need a hand with anything or find any other bugs!



Does this mean not all music formats are supported?
And if: wich are supported?
(I can’t import sound too!)

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