Is it posible 2 exprot 2 android


hi im tryign 2 find out if is posible 2 exprot 2 android apk file


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Hello there! :)

I’m not super experienced, but I believe that yes, it’s technically possible,
but you can’t do so directly in Wick, and it would take a bit of work…
See, while you can’t export your Wick project as an apk directly, you can
export it as an html file. And there are other programs that can make html5 code into an
android apk…

I’ve only ever dabbled in this area a little, but I’m sure the admins could
help you out more than me! XD

Below I’ll provide links to a few resources that you can read up on…

Adobe phonegap.

I never really read up to much on this one, so I don’t have a lot I can say
about it. But I know you can make Html5 android apps with it.
Honestly this route was harder so I gave up on it.

AIDE IDE for phonegapp.

This one costs money, and I haven’t used it in forever so
I don’t know if it’s still up to date, but when I was using it, this was the perfect
(and easiest) way to be able to write html5 code, and export it as an apk!
You could just write your code like normal, then hit the export button, and bam!
You’ve got an android apk with no hoops to jump through.

Again, this is only in theory, but I’d suppose it may be
possible to export a Wick project as an Html file, then use one of
these tools to transform your html, into an apk.

I hope this helps!



Something else to consider is the different input systems.
Wickeditor only allows for mouse and keyboard, smartphone or joypad inputs don’t appear to be possible through the API.
I’m guessing there are ways to do this with pure JS.
Any ideas how one would implement these input systems in wickeditor?
Would it be possible to just copy paste the contents of a pre-existing JS library? If so, would a utility like phonegap handle these in converting the HTML5 app to an Android app?

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Hey all,

On the alpha branch (, the “mouse” inputs should also work for analagous touch events.

Unfortunately we won’t be updating the “Live” editor to support additional features, but we will be keeping a version of it running once we update. All current projects made in the live editor will also be usable in the alpha editor once we add our converter.


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There should definitely be a pure js option.
I used a JavaScript library called ‘enchant js’,
And it has a built in method that supports both mouse clicks, and touch inputs. But as @Luxapodular said, there’s probably no need to go this route since they’ll be adding that to the alpha editor.

You can hook up multiple JavaScript libraries to an html file.
So I’d suppose you could export your Wick project as an html file,
put it in a standard text editor and manually add the additional libraries you need.
I’m not sure if the project could be imported back into
the Wick editor though.