Is it possible to get the noise level of the playing audios?

What Wick Editor Version are you using?
1.19.3, web version

Describe the Problem
Can you get the loudness or noise level of all the playing audios in decibels?

What have you tried so far?
I am not very good at JavaScript so I don’t know what to try

I dont think you have a way to check the loudness because it depends on many factor.
The base volume of your recorded sound, volume manipulation and distortion operated by wick, then the browser and the operating system settings, quality of your speakers…
Every one would influence audio volume and it very likely it would be quite different on other devices
You should use a secondary sound card with a mic to register the outgoing audio and verify the volume
Once again it would be not much reliable and you’ll get a number that I’m not sure how to translata into decibel. Alot of calibration and approximation would be needed.

It is possible to get the volume of all currently playing audio, though not regarding OS settings and hardware.

Here’s a starting point
Someone would need to figure out how to use the AnalyserNode on Wick’s sound system.