Is it possible to make an animation that has a transparent background or no background at all

i use 1.19 and ive looked at the project settings and only was able to change the color

Welcome to the forums! @IDONTKNOW959, yes you can, just do what I did in the pictures down below.

Screenshot 2021-08-26 1.21.53 AM Screenshot 2021-08-26 1.22.36 AM

Just set the opacity of the project’s background color to zero, all the way down.

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thanks bro

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You welcome :)

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i think the only problem is that when you export, it will actually use a black background. (I don’t remember though)

hmmm idk but for images it works

in that case i think you could make the background a light green and then go in a video editing software to remove the background by green screen.

That’s true

I hope this tutorial helps:

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wait what realy?
Here are my Results

this is my Gif result I think the background is not reaky black buts its just the way Programms handle Transparrent Backgrounds but I will go more into that
The same goes for the video

In Wickeditor it is not possible.
I export it with background and then removed it using an free online tool