Quick Tip! Exporting Animations as Transparent GIFs!

Hi All!
I’m a middle school teacher whose been doing Wick animation stuff (no code yet!) with my students and I wish that Wick Supported Transparent GIFs… BUT here is a very quick 1-2 minute work around to export out anything youre animating as a transparent GIF.

Maybe everyone knows this already, but my students didnt so thought others might find it useful too! :sweat_smile:

[https://youtu.be/zXl_6wSOwM0](http://Youtube: Exporting from the Wick Editor w/ Transparency!)

(PS: you can also use wick for to do After Effects like motion graphics, then turn them into transparent GIFs to. I dont know anything else thats free that can do this sorta thing :grinning: combine with GIF making in photopea + wick and profit! ) IE: giphy (10)


This is a very well-made tutorial, thank you for sharing! I haven’t really tried creating animated gifs from Wick Editor projects that much before, but now I’m more tempted to try it. :grinning:


I didn’t know it was possible to make a transparent gif!

Thank you for sharing the tutorial :D