Is it possible to make randomly generated terrain in Wick editor?

I was thinking about making a Minecraft game and I was wondering if it was possible to make randomly generated terrain in Wick editor?
My Project7-20-2021_15-49-17.wick (6.3 KB)

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yes, use noise algorithms like perlin or simplex noise. make it one-dimensional in this case if you want it to be something like terraria or the blockheads.

a 2d terrain is basically a grid made of rows and colums
you can define x types of terrain (grass, rock, water…)
every cell is a square unit of your random terrain type

Whats that?

just search it up

ok, I will try that.

from what i remember, it’s basically smooth randomness.

for context, if you take like a minecraft world, the world is randomly generated, but that doesn’t mean every 1x1 “chunk” is between 0 and 256 blocks tall, no matter what. the generation sorta goes in a hill. it’s still random, but it’s still realistic.

or if that didn’t make sense, take a look at this picture. the left is noise and the right is random.

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good point awc
if we dive into it we see that we need some constraints and rules
imagine a lake shore or a mountain ridge
both pure random and random smoothness wont work
it all depends on terrain complexity

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Has anybody tried making randomly generated terrain?