Is it possible to upload gifs or vids into wick?

hi im trying to animate this thing but it wont let me upload it as an asset or straight into the frame box thing? i first tried mp4, didnt work. then i did .gif and it still didnt work. i tried uploading as asset from my files, dragging from downloads, pasting it in… if anybody has an idea of what to do please let me know

thanks in advance :-)

update: it says “importing files…” and then does nothing
update: thank you to those in the future, i just needed to optimize my gif because it was buggy. it works now!

Gifs in Wick Editor are very janky. The file has to be very small, but even then it might not work.

If your gif isn’t too long and it’s still messing up. You can try importing it into this website and exporting individual images to import back into Wick Editor.
This method is very tedious but it’s the best we’ve got for now

Yeah, this happens to me too. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t :man_shrugging:.