Is the wickeditor dead? :-(

I feel wickeditor is already a great instruments but it lacks some tuning to be reliably usable as a production tool.
I perfectly understand the huge work needed to make it and i know how real life could interfere with the noblest project but I really hope this is not the end.


I would love to ear from one of the wick creators whats going on.
It’s quite some time they dont write in here and also what scares me is that apparently user
is no more :frowning:

I’ll write a post about it soon, probably next week or so.


Uh nice! cant wait to see it :D

Please do. I would like to contribute something since it’s opensource but I don’t know much about web dev, or javascript.

c’mon let’s us know what’s going on
if it has to be painful let’s make it fast

I put it at the longe category… Like a week ago… Aren’t you part of that category? If you are a regular member, you should be able to see it.

I cannot find it. Can you link to it, please?

lost regular :(

If you guys can’t access the post, then let me guarantee you one thing:

  1. Wick Editor isn’t dead

Things might take time, but all will be worth it with some patience :+1:

I can access the lounge but I cannot find the thread.
sorry for my dumbness. could you tell me the title of the post?

@blurredPixels here

tbh i was thinking exactly that ngl

i read the post. As it 's closed I’ll reply here.
I’m really sorry of this turn of events
I had big hopes wickeditor could be a professional development tool as other opens source programs are.
it covered a specific niche (canvas animation) that has no valid, user friendly alternatives and the vast majority of the work was done.
The choice of using it as a learnig/introduction to programming tool in my opinion also limits its popularity and support from a wider audience
To be a little blunt as long as it is seen mainly as a stickman animations tool it may not catch the attention of many people
I hope the university is really going to develop it
any update of the situation will be welcome

btw is Luxapodular working for Adobe? (conflict of interest?)

I’d like to contact you privately. As a moderator do you see my email? would you contact me?

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i know that is what i was thinking i always ask people that use this and they say no it is not dead

It is alive to me. I use it daily without any problem. What is trully on hold are the updates, but one day at a time.


No one knows if it’s dead forever- trends can always come back!

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@Jovanny if you’re going to make a wick editor mod, could you make it playable for mobile devices?

I’m not sure how much time I’ll be supporting the editor, but mobile is something that I’m not willing to pursue. I prefer investing time in having a better PC experience.

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Maybe publishing Wick Editor on and could work for PC’s and mobile devices, I guess.

Like how people are trying to make it possible to play all flash games safely on the internet in these times through ruffle. We do not know if flash will be revived with ruffle but it is a step towards that. Also, the person that started ruffle was thinking about making a tool to make flash content after ruffle is finished. Not that much related but you can get the point that we don’t know if something will stay dead like flash.