Wick Editor Status

Several things about this topic…
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The Editor is transitioning from Luca to a University. This is happening since early last year. I have been active in the conversations with Luca, and the University, but the status is still on hold, and being processed by lawyers. This is a very slow process.

It is a good University, and I met (through skype) the person, which is a master in digital arts and more interesting stuff under his curriculum.

Once the Editor becomes part of the University, students should be able to maintain it through special University assignments/projects, which is a win/win situation. I’ll be providing initial guidance to the University, so they can implement good updates.

Editor Target

The target audiences are school students and teachers that wish to teach/learn the basics of art/programming in js and game development. This tool is not meant for professional development, but we all know that we can develop decent things : )


Luca wants the best future for the Editor, but he can’t continue to support it. He is currently in a job that is related to arts, so he can’t be involved with the Editor anymore, because of Conflict of Interest.

Worst Case Scenario

Wick Editor is an open-source tool. Even if they don’t do anything else with it, we can still enjoy it. Everything is in GitHub and it is not that hard to put it to work on your PC and make changes.

You can even make a Fork development and delete all the IPs, and make your own editor based on the current editor. The only rule is that the code shall be online, and accessible to others, if not, you can get into legal troubles.

Custom Editor

I stopped making the custom editor, but probably my changes (they are online), would be integrated as per the University. I’m a full-time Senior Software Engineer, and I can’t spend all my free time developing it. The other reason is that I don’t want to make a custom editor in another URL, and then announce it within this forum, it is not fair.

This is what I can share, God bless you all Wick Lounge members.

  • Jovanny Rodriguez

Thanks for the updates!

I understand that Luca might be incapable of continuing his support for this tool. I’m thankful for how far the editor got today with the help of the Wick team, and hope to see it rise more through time :+1:

I feel like doing something for Luca and the Wick team… anyone?

Thanks for the info. I’m glad that things seem to be working out well, and that the editor’s future is looking bright. Interested to see what the university will do.


Actually, I have a couple of questions.

  1. Will the university continue using this forum, or will they transition to a new forum?
  2. Will the students develop the editor based on our previous feature suggestions that haven’t been added?

I think, the forum will stay. What will the University do with the editor? I’ll be with them at the beginning, after that, I don’t know… is too early to know.