Is there a limitation on project size?


Hi there, is there a limitation on project size? I’ve lost a lot of time lately helping my son make an animation for school. The movie is only 3 minutes long or so, with audio the entire time, but only a couple of animated characters. The file size is about 20mb when it does save, but lately it won’t save. The browse (chrome) just crashes. Trying to reopen even the most recent save still causes it to crash. My wife thought they’d avoided the issue by forcing autosaves, though she couldn’t ‘save project’, and it seemed to be working, but unfortunately it was soon no longer able to recover the file and crashed every time it was opened.
Is this a bug or internet connectivity issues?
Thanks, Victor


@Victor, Hey! So sorry that you’re having trouble. We shouldn’t have a limit on project size. 20mb shouldn’t be a problem, so let’s try to figure it out (This is most likely a bug on our part).

Are you “saving” or “exporting” the project?

If you are exporting, what type of file are you exporting as? (HTML, Video, Gif)

Would you be able to upload one of the successful saves you’ve done here or email it to contact (at)


Hi Luxapodular, thanks for the reply. I’m actually trying to save it (but exporting was not working either). The project was due on Wednesday, so what we ended up doing was dividing the project up into smaller animations, exporting a GIF, then merging the audio and GIFs in WeVideo. However, then the timing wasn’t right and the animation didn’t match the audio. Anyhow, I’ll upload the last saved file. It hardly has any of the animation that we did, because after this point everything was lost. However, I just tested it again and once again it loaded, but when I tried to save it, Chrome said Aw Snap again. It’s on a Mac that I’m working, but it won’t work on my windows laptop either.

I feel like there must be some sort of memory leak or something. It’s beyond my skills… that much I know!

So, I just tried uploading a .wick file like you asked, but it will not allow that format. I’ll have to email it to you.