Is there a way to draw programatically?


Is there a way that I can draw stuff programatically? I just wanna be able to draw simple shapes like lines, polygons, and maybe ellipses.



Hi MedudeC, if you go to Khan Academy (which will be linked eventually for others to see) they have the source like variables to hold values to your animations and etc. So I do suggest starting off with what’s titled
“Hour of Coding” or “Computer of Science” your choice.


Hey there, thank you for trying but that didn’t answer my question at all. You may have misunderstood me. I know how to program, I’ve been doing it for many, many years. I want to know if the Wick editor exposes an API for us to draw shapes programatically?


Hi @MeLikeyCode,

There is currently no way to draw on a Wick Editor canvas programmatically. Is there anything specific you’re trying to achieve?


Hello @Luxapodular,

I am creating a top down zombie shooting game. I’m trying to implement a laser gun. It should basically draw a long line from the gun to the place you click.

I am sure if I get super clever and do some really hard work, I can achieve this without a drawing API, but it seems like a simple createLineObject(pt1,pt2,thickness,color) or something would make it so much easier :slight_smile:!