Is there a way to make characters bounce to the beat?

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Describe the Problem
I want to make my character bounce to the beat with code, but I don’t see any way.

What have you tried so far?
I have tried experimenting with the sound section in the coding screen.

Do you have a Wick Editor File that we can see? Optional*
No, I don’t.

You mean like autmatically? No, I don’t think so :grinning: It would mean that wick has to analyse your music, and that is way beyond what it is capable of now.
I think you are down to manual here.
Of course, you can calculate how many frames any bounce would take. If I wanted to do this, I would try to match the frames to, say, 5 frames per beat in the music. (IE: if you have 120BPM, that is 2 beats per second, so 10 frames per beat)
If your music starts to slow down or spead up… act accordingly :) :sunglasses:

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure that’s @awc95014’s OC, and his animation?
There is no way. But perhaps by calculating the amount of time between the beats in milliseconds might help in some way, by coding for repetition. But there is still the problem of exact starting time. I guess if you start the repetition code at the same time as music, or control it carefully, it might work.



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… i have my original files from over a year ago.

and also it’s dancing to the beat, but without the song.

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