Is there a way to put your own font

Problems I face are on Windows. never tried Linux.

heres what happens when i import the mojang font

That is what will happen when you import any font.

probably its because im on the browser version

i’m on the browser too…

which browser/OS are you using?

I think font import works well only on Linux, but I’m not sure.
afaik, at least on windows font import breaks.

How i tryed this with multipil fonts it does not work for me :(

im using chrome

Not sure why but it works for me…

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Are you on a Linux?

Im on chrome

Operating system

i use a laptop (idk what it is)

i also had to make a new acc dam

also the reason why is didnt reply in year is because my school blocked wickeditor

It makes sense why it is also on ChromeOS because it is based on Gentoo