Is there any way to get drawings to not show the full thing in HTML or other formats?

I hate having to make the drawings cut off myself in The HTML because if I put like a square or something out of the canvas then play it in HTML I see the rest of it and it doesn’t cut off to just only show on the size of the canvas. Please tell me if there’s a way to make it just show things in the canvas.

Hey @killdren24!
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If you’re using the built-in Vcam, then you should delete line 16 from the Vcam’s update script.

It is still possible, even while not using any type of vcam, to still see shapes outside of the canvas (going over the black border).

For example, let’s say I was to draw a square like this:

This is how it’d look like in HTML, the square would go outside the canvas.

If you noticed in the editor image, I had two layers. I selected Layer 2 before exporting, which is why it’s colored green (when a layer is selected, the editor identifies it as the “active layer”).

The black borders were added in the active layer, making them under the red square.
This isn’t supposed to happen of course, it’s a bug.
To fix this, just click the very top layer (which in my case, would be the layer called “Layer”) and export your project into HTML. You can also click alt + k to test the project in HTML before exporting.

Let me know if this doesn’t work.