Is wickeditor good for my purposes?

So like I used adobe flash cs5.5 fdor a while. I liked how it could export to SWF which could run in a browser with ruffle.
the link on adobe-archive stopped working eventually so I’m considering using this from now on for my animation work. is this good for this purpose or am I better off looking somewhere else?
I make animations for my object show, my various comics (such as the animations seen on homestuck) and I’m wondering if this is good for me?

I think Wick editor would work for your purposes, as it can export straight to HTML and run in a browser.

not very knowledgeable with adobe, but wick has been referred to as “the new flash” or stuff like that. i’m sure not all the flash features are in wick but it has worked well for my purposes.

in wick you can export animations as mp4 or gif (or html… i guess)

i havent found any better alternative than wick, so from my experience this is the best platform.

lots of people on the forum appear to be doing object shows as well so i think it will work well!