Join the BeatSwapper Dev Team!

@TheonY no, its not too late! people can join whenever they want as long as the game is in developement.

Awsome job. although the green ones should be moving up as well. sorry for being to picky about this, i would do it myself but im poopoo at coding

i cant… file size is too biggg

I could do this but then it would have a bunch of empty space.

use google drive

Sorry I havent been active, something came up and needs to be dealt with. See Yall soon

Hey everyone!! I’m back!

I’m currently working on improving the interface of the menu and loading screen, such as adding new fonts and revamping the logo animation. Also tweaking the transitions a bit with a few subtle differences.

I will return very soon with some screenshots of what has been changed. Ok, see you soon!

play testing coding animation i am in boyz

Can I still join! What is this game anyways?

kind of a rhythm game thingy

My boys! I am back. I’m gonna remake the menu and i kinda wanna try something new. I recently found a game engine called GDevelop and it’s a no code engine, so this means Beatswapper might make a comeback. The only problem is that this does not associate with Wick whatsoever, so @Jovanny, if it’s OK, can we use this game enine to make it? As a compromise i’ll challenge myself to make EVERY. SINGLE. ASSET. in Wick. [Except for gradients and stuff since Wick can’t do that.] If not, no biggie! If any of you guys still wanna work on the project, join the official Discord server which currently has zero members! (Link coming soon cuz i gota do some s t u f f )

I might be able to help

You can’t use this forum for that. Sorry. It is prefer the other way around… getting assets from somewhere else and use the wick editor to develop and run the app.