Join the BeatSwapper Dev Team!

BeatSwapper was a discontinued project that I gave up on last year. BUT WE ARE BACK!!! I need a team of coders and whatnot to help me complete my mission: BRING BEATSWAPPER BACK TO LIFE. So far, all we have is a main menu with keyboard controls, and in total, the entire project is over 470 frames long as my biggest project so far. I need people to help with:

and of course, Playtesting!

For your convenience I have uploaded a .wick file to the Topic! Credit goes to MorganDavidKing (MDK) for the epic menu music. (Not sponsored)

So yeah, If you want to join the Dev Team, just a quick notice: This project should be made entirely in the Wick Editor, and the game should be open source to platforms such as:

Itch IO
Wick Forums
The Men (My new Discord Server)

If you don’t agree with this policy, you do not have to work on the project if you don’t want to. Because majority rules, I will put up a vote on whether or not the game should or should not be released to any of these platforms.

That’s all for now! If you have any questions or ideas, relpy to the topic or DM me on the Wick Editor Discord server, @TheMan17#9726.

.wick file: BeatSwapperBeta3-17-2022_12-25-12.wick|attacment (3.3 MB)

Screenshot 2022-09-15 3.46.56 PM

Poll: Should we upload BeatSwapper to platforms like Itch IO, Newgrounds, and more?

  • HECK YEAH!!!
  • Probably not…

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This seems interesting.
I’m in.

good job. you are now a man.

I’m not that good at coding, and don’t have the materials for soundtracks… but i could be a playtester…

Concept art:

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Hey, I think there is something missing in the code on line 2 of the “play tutorial button”, because it’s not letting me play the tutorial…

that was intentional because i havent made tha actual game yet… i succ at coding

oh ok, I had just downloaded and opened the game and was confused so thank you…

I would like to join @TheMan17
I can code and do art

I joined too

alright! we have enough people to get at least a bit of work done. imma make more concept art reel quick just so you get an idea

I coded the game based on the concept My Project9-16-2022_17-58-09.wick maybe there can be some sort of theme or story.

I made it look better @TheMan17 My Project9-16-2022_18-18-13.wick sometimes it lags tho and that can put it off sinc.

Awesome!! This was exactly what i was looking for, except that the notes should be moving to the side kinds slanted, starting from almost the bottom of the screen to the center, with a bit of easing and a blur effect. but still, awesome effort! Ill gget started working out the kiks and whatnot and send it back to you for retexturing.

also, the notes should be moving a bit faster, byt still epico

tutorial song is done!!

Ok, I imported the prototype into the game and retextured the notes, the green one is working fine, but when iplaytest, the red one dissapeares and i have no clue how to fix this.

@TheMan17 Is it too late to join beatswappers dev team? I’d love to join.

could you send the wick file?

I did the new layout My Project9-17-2022_13-58-40.wick